2023 Tabexpo ITALY

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Tabexpo ITALY 2023, Exhibition time: May 10, 2023 ~ May 11, 2023, exhibition location: Piazza della Costituzione, Bologna, Italy, 540128 Bologna Convention and Exhibition Center, sponsored by Quartz Business Media Ltd., once a year, exhibition space: 15,000 square meters, Visitors: 30000 people, the number of exhibitors and exhibitors brands reached 350. For more than 30 years, the team at TABEXPO has listened to exhibitors and delivered what they wanted. This is how TABEXPO has earned its reputation as the "One and Only" trade show for the world's tobacco and nicotine industries. 

We continually refine our database to target decision makers, influencers, purchasing directors and other key people in all aspects of the tobacco and nicotine business.

TABEXPO features industry leaders, observers, academics, commentators and other stakeholders to introduce and discuss the hottest topics in tobacco and nicotine.
TABEXPO returns as an exclusive conference, exhibition and networking event for all those involved in the manufacture and processing of tobacco products. Dedicated to showcasing the future of tobacco manufacturing and processing, the event will revolve around forward-thinking conferences, exhibitions and a first-of-its-kind matchmaking networking event.
Attend this brand new TABEXPO event, which is the perfect platform to conduct business with industry peers and discuss future innovations in the industry.

Range of exhibits

The tobacco industry uses raw materials such as tobacco leaves and seeds to produce finished products such as cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, and electronic cigarettes, along with related accessories like lighters and cigarette cases.

Machinery and equipment: tobacco planting machinery, processing equipment and machinery, packaging equipment and materials, printing equipment and materials, testing and experimental equipment, tobacco industry raw materials
Consumables: glue, aluminum foil, label, film, filter, cardboard, cigarette paper, fragrance and aromatic additives
Others: lighters, matches, ashtrays, smoking AIDS, tobacco patent and trademark trading, agents, advertising services, etc.

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Exhibition hall information

Bologna Fiere, Bologna Convention Center.
Venue area: 375,000 square meters.
Venue: Piazza della Costituzione, Bologna, 540128 Bologna, Italy.

Post time: Apr-12-2023